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Know the facts.


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Who We Are. 

No Pot On Purvine is comprised of 60+ neighbors living on, or around, Purvine Road. Headquartered in the countryside of Petaluma, our group's purpose is to prevent industrial-scale cannabis operations, like Sonoma/Petaluma Hills Farm, from usurping the limited natural resources in our area; contaminating groundwater and lowering the water table; bringing increased crime into our area; and endangering long-standing, legitimate agricultural businesses. We are dedicated to the social welfare and conservation of the Middle Two Rock area.

Our History.

When the Collings Property at 334 Purvine Rd. was sold in June of 2017, many neighbors were told that a young San Francisco couple had purchased the 30+ acre property as their second home. As such, Purvine residents were shocked when, two months later, they received a letter from Sonoma County's Permit & Resource Management Department informing them that the new property owner had submitted an application to create an industrial-scale medical cannabis farm calling for the maximum amount of legal cannabis (1 acre). The property had actually been purchased by a developer based in San Francisco, known firstly as Big-Rock and under the moniker of Petaluma Hills Farm, LLC. Funded by venture-capitalists, Petaluma Hills Farm, LLC will set precedent for industrial cannabis in the Middle Two Rock Area--unless they, and others like them, are stopped. 

Our Goal.

Our Platform.

No Pot On Purvine exists to advocate for our area becoming a cannabis exclusion zone

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There's no denying the fact that cannabis is a contentious crop. Our stance against commercial cannabis is premised upon the industry's impact on our area, including: